Brighton Primary Art Show


It's coming again!

Brighton Primary Art Show 2008 Friday 18th, Saturday 19th & Sunday 20th July to be held at "Billilla"


Calling For BPS Parent Artists (& Friends and Relatives)

  • Are you an artistic Brighton Primary School parent?
  • Have you a partner, relative or friend who is creative?
  • Do you know of people in the Bayside community who are talented artistically?

    So come on! Especially our school parents. This show is for YOU!

    We would love to see as many Brighton Primary School parents, their friends and/or relatives participate in our art show this year. You don't have to be a professional artist at all, just good enough to feel like you could create something to exhibit and to sell to help raise funds for your school and The Mirabel Foundation. We will exhibiting your works together with other parents work and local and some 'name' artists too. This recipe creates a wonderful eclectic mix of styles which is what made our show so successful last year. Categories open for consideration are pastels, watercolors, acrylic and oils, jewellery, textiles, woodwork, sculpture and many more. Your children will be so proud to see your work on display! As a committee we will be there to help and support you.



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