Brighton Primary Art Show

Conditions Of Entry

Exhibits and Entry Fees

  • The Artist must pay a fee of $15.00 for each piece of artwork ("Exhibit") entered in the Brighton Primary Art Show ("Show"), as listed on the Official Entry Form. The artworks listed cannot be substituted.
  • There is a minimum of three and a maximum of five Exhibits per Artist. Small pieces or sets of artworks may be grouped to form a single Exhibit with the prior approval from the Artist Coordinators (Tanya Robertson, or Angela Mellas ("Coordinator/s").
  • The signed Official Entry Form must be received with the correct fee by Friday 13 June, 2008, by post to the Artists Co-Coordinator (T. Robertson, 15 Cowper St, Brighton 3186) or handed personally to a Coordinator. Late entries cannot be accepted.
  • Payment must be made by cheque payable to "Brighton Primary School" or cash. Cash payments must be handed directly to a Coordinator, who will issue a receipt. Please do not send cash by post.
  • Entry fees will not be refunded for Exhibits not delivered on time or withdrawn from the Show by the Artist.
  • The Coordinators may decide not to accept or display any Exhibit at their discretion and without giving reasons for that decision. The entry fee for any Exhibit not displayed will be refunded to the Artist.

Delivery and Display of Exhibits

  • The Artist must deliver and hang all Exhibits on the Show display screens at Billilla, 26 Halifax Street, Brighton between 1pm and 5pm on Thursday 17th July, 2008 unless otherwise agreed by a Coordinator.
  • The Artist's Name, Exhibit Title and the Listed Sale Price must be clearly printed on the back of each Exhibit. The Artist must ensure that the listed sale price matches the price stated on the Official Entry Form.
  • Exhibits must be dry and framed or finished for hanging, using suitable hanging materials supplied by the Artist. The display screens will be lined with black Velcro.
  • No side of an Exhibit may exceed 1.4 metres. Exhibits must comply with any other Show specifications provided to the Artist. The Artist is not permitted to submit the same exhibit/s as the previous year.
  • In the unlikely event that the Coordinators are required to rotate submitted Exhibits they may do so at their discretion, such that all Exhibits may not be on display for the entire duration of the Show. There will be no reduction or refund of the entry fee if Exhibits are rotated.

Sale of Exhibits

  • The price of Exhibits stated on the Official Entry Form will be binding, and takes priority if a different price is marked on the Exhibit.
  • For tax purposes, the Artist may either supply an ABN on the Official Entry Form or complete and sign a supplier statement (Form B). If neither is provided, Brighton Primary School must deduct withholding tax from all sale proceeds at the rate required by the Australian Taxation Office (currently 46.5%)
  • Brighton Primary School will deduct a 25% commission on the price of all Exhibits sold (after GST). The remaining sale proceeds will be paid by cheque to the Artist within 14 days of the end of the Show.

Collection of Exhibits

  • Unsold Exhibits will be available for collection between 3.30pm and 5.30pm on Sunday 20th July 2008, unless otherwise agreed by a Coordinator.
  • Brighton Primary School is entitled to release the Exhibits on a signature purporting to be that of the Artist or an authorised agent. The Artist should provide any agent with a signed authority for collection, addressed to Brighton Primary School.
  • The Artist must reimburse any transport and storage costs incurred by Brighton Primary School for Exhibits not collected on time. The Artist agrees that any Exhibits not collected within 14 days of the end of the Show may be sold or otherwise disposed of at the Artist's expense and any proceeds retained by Brighton Primary School.


DISCLAIMER: Brighton Primary School and the Show organising committee accept no responsibility for loss, theft or damage to any Exhibit or other artwork of the Artist, however caused, and whether at Billilla or in transit to storage if not collected. The Artist is responsible for obtaining adequate insurance cover for their own Exhibits.



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